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Christmas 2k13


This year Fern is getting her kitchen set from us so kitchen-themed toys are a great gift. She’s also really into mothering her baby doll so doll-related toys would also be a hit. 


Melissa and Doug Wooden Food Groups set - $19.99 melissaanddoug.comimage

Melissa and Doug Cutting Fruit Set - $19.99


Melissa and Doug Let’s Play House Grocery Boxes - $9.99


Melissa and Doug Blossom Bright Kids Gardening Tote Set - $14.99


Melissa and Doug Shape Sequence Sorting Kit - $14.99

imageMelissa and Doug Mine to Love Time to Eat Feeding Kit - $14.99


Melissa and Doug Mine to Love Diaper Changing Set - $14.99

Note: All Melissa and Doug merchandise can be found at department stores like Target, Kohl’s, and Bergner’s


IKEA Duktig 12 piece Toy Dishware Set - $9.99


IKEA Duktig 5-Piece Kitchen Utensil Play Set - $3.99


IKEA Duktig 8-Pack Glassware - $3.99


IKEA Duktig 10-Piece Coffee/Tea Set - $9.99


Hello Kitty Play Tent - $19.99


Sanrio Hello Kitty ABS Bag - $49.99 Available at Target stores 


Tin Tea Set - $19.99 Found Here


Schoenhut Toy Piano - $69.99 Found Here


Grand Victorian Playhouse by Lilliput Homes - $19,999.00


The following book/TV/Movie titles would be accepted:












I’ve really gotten back into crafting since setting up a new area for myself in the basement. Quilting specifically. So gift certificates to Joann Fabrics or the Quilter’s Garden in Princeton would be excellent. Gift certificates to Hornbaker Gardens would also be awesome because we have a giant blank yard. 

Distinctive Low-Shank Free Motion Darning Foot - $14.99 on

Distinctive Low-Shank Zipper Foot - $7.99 on

Generic Low-Shank Buttonhole Foot - $6.95 on

Cut the Scraps Quilting Book - $18.55 on

Bamboo Wind Chimes - $23.99 on

Recycled Glass Pillar Candleholders from World Market (price varies by size)

froeliche weinachten II

so this bloggity blog has become just a vehicle for my christmas lists. here goes. 


kitchenaid bamboo cutting board (target)KitchenAid bamboo cutting board (target)KitchenAid Bamboo cutting board

KitchenAid bamboo cutting board (target)

kit kat clock!

vintage enamelware (bowls, mugs, teapots, coffee pots, bowls, bowls, bowls of all sizes)(found EVERYWHERE. cheap. particularly the white with red trim as shown cuz it matches my hoosier)

26, 45, or 50” leg lamp (

jadeite, of course. all the things. 

vintage green “canned ham” travel trailer.

a ford falcon futura to drag it


CIRCO brand chloe & conner owl mini chair (target online only)

KIDCRAFT brand 2-slat rocker in red (target online only)

2 MAMMUT children’s chairs in dark green (IKEA)

MAMMUT children’s table in light green (IKEA)

B. Meowsic keyboard (target)

PINK (yeah, can you believe it??) converse all-stars, size 4 or 5. (major bonus points if you can find them that small IN HIGH TOPS)

any poetry book by shel silverstein (where the sidewalk ends or light in the attic particularly).

dr seuss books (we already have how the grinch stole christmas, the cat in the hat, green eggs and ham, and the foot book)

classic disney dvds. definitely want the following: lady and the tramp, sleeping beauty, cinderella, dumbo, alice in wonderland, bambi, the many adventures of winnie the pooh, snow white, 101 dalmatians, fantasia. also any mr roger’s neighborhood you can find (probably none, i think whoever owns that licensing has it under lock & key) and classic sesame street.

PLEASE NOTE (AND I’M NOT ADDING THIS TO BE A TURD), we don’t have a lot of room for fern stuff so please no stuffed animals. also, she is afraid of toys that have too many bells & whistles and make too much noise/have too many lights. she likes simple stuff. and music! we like melissa & doug and also skip hop stuff.

froeliche weinachten

ive been really trying this year to come up with stuff i want for christmas. it’s been difficult due to pre-occupation, but here’s an attempt!

trapp candles, of course. i love the large poured, but i do also love to have various votives. the scents i like are orange-vanilla, patchouli/sandalwood, and lemongrass verbena. they can be found on amazon pretty easily, or through their website,

world market has a lot of vintage-y feeling christmas decor. i do enjoy all that.

i’ve been after a beverage pitcher like this for a while. this is the “mason jar” one from world market. i like it.

another world market find - i don’t have a great cutting board

anything under the post down below entitled “i friggin want that.” those are mainly my vintage must-haves.


dress from old navy! 0-3 mo.

any of the various vegetable baby toys from IKEA

meijer carries the line of vintage-y baby toys like the phone and clock and stuff. i love that stuff. i don’t want a ton of toys, but those are cool.

we have a lot of books for her, but DVDs could be good, like the following:
mr rogers neighborhood
sesame street
disney classics (alice in wonderland, cinderella, sleeping beauty, snow white, dumbo…i.e. the old classics), these can be found on amazon

an ode to pottery barn.

dear pottery barn:
screw you.

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yardwork is strenuous

especially when i expect our yard to look like this by july…

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i friggin want that.

and now for the march edition of my “i friggin want that” list. please be advised that i require the following items:


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harvest tables

i got one, just need to work on accessorizing.

our harvest table, made by my dad, in its christmas state!

lusting after this one.

i’m aware that mine isn’t that rough-hewn, but that’s gorgeous. ugh.

live potted herbs, novel!!

need one of these

i need one (or several…one for each room would do) of these. they just add an air of whimsy and art to any room. i want one for the porch.

moar decor plz kthxbai

i especially enjoy the large cat

what have i learned here? i really enjoy a lot of pale blues or blue-greens with pops of red or other warm hues. and i’m really predictable.

outdoor living

im thinking about my enclosed porch and how it shall be this spring and summer.

i want to do something with the floor because this is the porch in its current state:

icky icky robin’s egg blue

march 2k11, somewhat completed. it’s a start!

i’m thinking something understated. i’m also thinking i need a subscription for country living.

my dad’s summer building project is going to be one of these for the south portion of the porch:

not that big, more like a twin-size, but that’s the idea. i like the idea of hanging with rope rather than chain, too.

the other side will be the huge bench he made, wicker chair, dining table.

i somewhere have to fit my crafts for the warm weather, but it’s not like dad will get our “swinging bed” done this year anyway!

inspiration rooms

lots of string lights, quilts, color, chenille, vintage fabrics, sun shades (not blinds), wood, watering cans, petinas on metals, plants, vases with flowers, cozy places to read!